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Currently in bloom at OTA, a peloric phalaenopsis


Our furnishings, props and jewelry featured in Manhattan, The Space Between Us and Longmire!

Old Town Antiques is an eclectic shop located in historic Old Town in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As much museum as retail store, as a friend said, we “recycle history.”  Browsers are welcome and questions are encouraged.  Although we carry much more than Native American items, we also try to provide information for anyone interested in learning about or acquiring good quality Native American objects. Come in to the Shop or click on the Turquoise tab on the left to see our examples of “real” versus “fake” turquoise and other stones and, learn the difference between “Indian hand made” and “Indian hand crafted.”

Use our “Search” option in the lower left, below our categories, on this page to find specific items.

In addition to classic and collector quality antiques, the collection currently includes (but certainly is not limited to!):

  • Antique Indian art
  • Folk art
  • Jewelry ranging from Victorian to ethnic and tribal including pawn
  • Pottery and Baskets, Native American and others
  • Western and Southwestern relics
  • Vintage photography
  • Devotional art including retablos, bultos and ex-votos
  • Antique art
  • Early science
  • Books
  • Interesting things that refuse to fit in a particular category

Dealers, designers and decorators are welcome. Layaway and gift certificates available. And, we’re handicapped accessible – just give us a call if you need the ramp.

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