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Caribou antler cribbage board

Caribou antler cribbage board

An unusual thing, this is a cribbage board made of a caribou antler. Hand finished, with an incised figural decoration, and signed on the back. I was told that this was found on a beach in the Bering Straight. I didn’t quite believe that until I looked closer and, yes, many of the holes are still full of sand. Based on the signature, the piece was probably made on Mary’s Igloo, an Inuit village originally named Kauwerak. In the early 1900s, non-Natives valled the village “Mary’s Igloo,” after an Inupiat woman named Mary, who welcomed visitors, trappers, miners and others, into her home. The village was nearly empty by the mid-1950s. The antler is signed “D.O. Komok” and “Mary’s Igloo.” The board measures 11 3/4″ x 9.”

Note that the board has 20 holes in each long row, rather than 30 in each row on standard boards. So, players have to go around three times rather than twice. No pegs and a little sand would need to be dug out of the holes. Otherwise, the board is in apparently excellent condition.


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