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Silver aerial gunner wings on Navajo cuff bracelet

Silver aerial gunner wings on Navajo cuff bracelet


A traditionally hand made Navajo style cuff with domed button bump ups at the terminals but its central feature is silver bombadier wings. The bombadier insignia measures 3 1/4″ wingtip to wingtip. It appears that a gunner’s badge was altered and added to a cuff. I don’t know if the cuff existed before the addition or, if the whole piece was made at one time. The bracelet is very worn and wear polished with soft edges. Note that the wings are not perfectly centered on the bracelet. The bracelet is a medium size at 5 5/8″ inside circumference with a current 1 1/4″ gap. In excellent old condition with the mentioned wear, some old fire scale shadows and slight corrosion at the solder joints (lead or copper in the solder).


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