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Santo Domingo Crucita Melchor olla 200

Old, used Santo Domingo polychrome olla

Old, used Santo Domingo polychrome olla

by Crucita Melchor

A lovely older, used water jar, made by Crucita Melchor of Santo Domingo. The jar is 9″ tall by 8″ wide. A fairly heavy vessel, this vessel did service as a water jar. It has lots of wear from use, including mineral deposits at base and at rim from containing water. Years of use have left water deposits and caused some of the polished surfaces to loosen in the polished base and around the neck.

Crucita was born in 1932 and I would guess that this jar was made sometime before 1960. However it was used, the jar had a second incarnation as it was gifted to a young woman in a footrace in 2007. This is recorded on the bottom of the pot in black ink. The jar has text on the underside that reads, “Crucita Melchor, Pottery of the Melchors, Santo Domingo Pueblo.” There is a difficult to read notation at an angle in the upper right above that text, and “Lucero” is printed below. Then, in June of 2007, the date written on the bottom, the jar was gifted to Miss Lucero.


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